Kazuma Koike
The hermit and the bottled water

14th December 2013 - 25th January, 2014
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AISHONANZUKA is pleased to present the first exhibition of Kazuma Koike, The hermit and bottled water, in Hong Kong

Kazuma Koike was born in Kanagawa in 1980 and spent his boyhood in Buenos Aires from 1986 to 1992, also in Barcelona from 1995 to 1998. After came back to Japan, he graduated from sculpture course at Nihon university college of art. In 2013, he left Kanagawa where was a base for his career, now he is working in Osaka.

Koike has presented an exceptional sensibility by working in a wide variety of media, such as painting, water-color painting, sculpture and video works. He may make his own unique sensibility from the experience of living abroad, South America and Europe, when he was at a sensitive age.
Also, Koike has shown his original fresh depiction style with his meticulous continuing spots
painting and pigment oozing drawing that are more primitive differently from academic images created by brushes. Koike says "I want to depict with no bias in images by focusing on primitive of image".

The mysterious motif in his works has usually been brought from mixing drawings created in his daily life. Koike makes the possibility, coexistence of non-related things on one canvas, with his unique style.
Recent years, Koike has mainly exhibited installation works. He is trying to represent his artistic sense in real world with various methods apart from single medium to make audience feel his sensibility more directly.

In this exhibition, Koike shows 105 sheets of drawings with ballpoint pen and new painting works as installation style.
We welcome you to join us for this special exhibition.

このたび、AishoNanzuka は、小池一馬の香港で初となる個展"The hermit and bottled water"を開催いたします。








Kazuma Koike
"The hermit and the bottled water"
14th Dec 2013 - 25th Jan, 2014

Venue : AISHONANZUKA (HongKong)
Open : Tuesday - Saturday
Time : 12:00 - 19:00
Close : Sunday, Monday, Public holiday
Entrance : Free


場所 : アイショウナンヅカ(香港)
開廊 : 火曜日〜土曜日
時間 : 12:00-19:00
休廊 : 日曜日、月曜日、祝日
入場 : 無料