Shuhei Yamada

1st August - 30th August, 2014
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Shuhei Yamada, currently based in Tokyo. Through the use of photographs, images, sculptures, collages, and Installations, he presents his works by observing Japanese society, national authority…etc.. Especially in the Armory Show held on 2013, he was the first Japanese artist selected by a focus department with the theme “America”. His novelty biting criticism upon Pacific War had drawn great public attention.

Yamada uses various genre of found photo or found footage. By deleting, extremely expanding or destroying the original main theme within, he creates hollow images without having its original meaning. The theme of his artworks always shows various aspects, most are closely related to the social influence on artist’s living environment. After Tohoku Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on 2011, Yamada’s works show more images focusing on society, individual, power and country. Yamada also taken in his criticizing ideas in his works with American post-war art style like ready-made, abstract expressionism, minimal art, conceptual art while considering the place of Japan as well.

This exhibition will present portraits with morphing style. Yamada’s drawing material will be the images of dictators who also called as slaughterers of all ages and countries. By means of morphing (mean-value) dictators’ charismatic portraits, his criticism to power can be grasped, at the same time, the production of morphing piles up the social circumstances of present Japan. This exhibition will also present sculptures with motif of national flags associated with fictitious country; minimal art of ordered steel pipes associated with a prison; paintings remind of violence, military power and crowd. All the above motifs are deeply related to the form of country, power or individual and present hints of the problem which many societies and individuals are facing.

A reception party with the artist will be held on Friday, Aug 1st, 2014. Our sincerest anticipation in seeing you all at the exhibition.






Shuhei Yamada
1st August - 30th August, 2014

Venue : AISHONANZUKA (HongKong)
Open : Tuesday - Saturday
Time : 12:00 - 19:00
Close : Sunday, Monday, Public holiday
Entrance : Free


場所 : アイショウナンヅカ(香港)
開廊 : 火曜日〜土曜日
時間 : 12:00-19:00
休廊 : 日曜日、月曜日、祝日
入場 : 無料